Monday, October 31, 2011

First steps

After setting up the website and purchasing a web shop, the first steps were to set up a Facebook page and a twitter account connected to the Facebook page.
Very important! Set up a Google Analytics account to be able to track the visitors coming to your website. I think I will address this in another blog post soon.

In order to gain the first Facebook fans, I invited my friends who I thought might be interested in the page to view it and like it.

  • On Twitter, I searched for similar businesses and started following them. From my own experience, Twitter is not yet so popular in Finland, but it is getting more and more popular than it used to be. So I would say it is a service worth using and building an audience as well as read what others have to say.
  • Facebook is the best social media website, probably the most popular place online where people talk about products and visit websites their friends recommend. It has huge potential to help your business and I have discovered that only few businesses (at least in Finland) try to make use of this enormous potential to reach out to people. At the time of this post, byVellamo has 73 fans on Facebook.
  • One of my personal favorite ways of browsing is by using StumbleUpon recommendations. StumbleUpon is a very useful resource where you can select your interested and browse random websites connected to those interests from all over the world. After you create an account, you are free to add new web pages to the service. I have added byVellamo a few weeks ago and I am discovering that the number of visits coming through StumbleUpon is constantly increasing.

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