Wednesday, November 2, 2011

About Facebook Ads

A few observations about Facebook ads, from the campaign I ran for byVellamo. The ad ran for about 2 weeks, it was limited for people using Facebook in Finland.
  • impressions: the ad has shown up a total amount of 125,268 times, available only for viewers in Finland.
  • clicks: it received 23 clicks.
  • connections: out of the 23 clicks, 4 persons added the page to their favorites.
  • spent: €21.45 in total
As a result, each click cost €0.93.

Something that I think is not too good in this case is that there is no control as to where the ad will show, although you can control who can see it. You can also control the appearance of your ad according to the interests of people, but in this case I believe it is not relevant.

From running the campaign for this page, I must say it was not worth buying Facebook ads. They are far more expensive than Google Ads and it is not a guarantee that the potential clients will even go to the website itself, which is of course the ultimate goal. In spite of the huge number of impressions, the number of clicks generated was small. The next experiment should be aimed at a more narrow audience.

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